Alexander Germano: On Wheels Of Fortune (From Russian Romani)

A bit of propagandistic blasting from Germano about abandoning Romani itinerancy and settling down. Puns ahoy. Witty, but nowhere near the depth of Nárto Phuranîpé. Also, you can smell the Soviet smugness a mile away. 

On Wheels Of Fortune
By Alexander Germano
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

What fate, what fortune we keep seeking
Roaming the roads and woods for years!
And what in seeking have we seen?
Oh we have seen our share of tears.

We sing all day, we sing at night. 
That is where drunkards' Fortunes lie. 
We like the horse, we like the whip,
Believe in something in the sky.

Devil and God can't do a damn.  
The cards deal us a pack of lies.
What do they do but do us in,
And raze us down where we would rise? 

The time has come for better living.  
We're free to make ourselves at home.
Fortune won't smile in campgrounds....
Lets move on from the need to roam.

The Original:
For reasons explained on this page, all Cyrillic Romani texts I translate are accompanied by transcription in Roman characters. 

Александр Германо

Сави э-бахт амэ родаса
Пиро дрома, пиро вэша.
И со дро лодыпэ дыкхаса? —
Амэ дыкхаса бут ясва.

Ратя и дывэса багаса,
Со сы екх бахт дро матыбэ,
Чюпны и грэн амэ камаса,
Патяса дро екх болыбэ.

Дэвэл и бэнг ничи на дэна.
Бут хохадэ патря амэн.
Ёнэ амэнгэ хась кэрэна
И подрискирна джиибэн.

Авэла тэ дживас адякэ,—
Вавир кэраса джиибэ.
Нанэ э-бахт прэ фэлда,
Чюрдаса пэскро лодыпэ.

Aleksandr Germano

Savi e-baxt ame rodása
Píro droma, píro veša.
I so dro lodîpé dîkhása? —
Ame dîkhása but jasva.

Ratja i dîvesá bagása,
So sî jekh baxt dro matîbé
Čupnî i gren ame kamása
Patjása dro jekh bolîbé

Devel i beng niči na déna.
But xoxade patrja amen.
Jone aménge xasj keréna
I podriskírna džiiben

Avéla te dživas adjáke
Vavir kerása džiibe.
Nane e-baxt pre félda,
Čurdása péskro lodîpé.


Line 8:

I wonder if the other meaning of bolîbé, "baptism" is relevant here.

Line 12:

This line contains some Romani wordplay. Te podriskires is "to undermine" and the line podriskírna džiiben translates as "and (they) undermine (our) lives." However, this echoes, the better to subvert, a far more mundane phrase podrikírna džiiben "they support, maintain our lives."

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